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Congo 2013

Mercy Ships - The HOPE Center

When Mercy Ships arrives in port, screenings are organized throughout the country. Patients near the port can easily travel to the ship. For others, reaching the ship is harder.To reduce the need for multiple trips, Mercy Ships establishes a Hospital Out-Patient Extension (HOPE) Center to provide housing for patients and caregivers near the ship. After surgery, the HOPE Center offers a safe, clean environment that promotes effective recovery while maintaining easy access to the ship for follow-up care.The HOPE Center also frees bed space in the ship's hospital ward so we can help more of the people.

The HOPE Center in Pointe Noire will have a capacity to host 116 people. After the Mercy Ships outreach the facility will be handedover to Caritas to start a school for the deaf and blind.

HOPE Center Goals:
- To renovate an existing health-care facility
- To provide a safe, clean environment for patients and their families during the pre- and post-operative phases of surgery
- To leave behind an improved facility for increased health-care capacity and access

The Congo DXpedition team will support and sponsor this Mercy Ships HOPE Center Project financially. You can help us with your donation so that facilities can be made available. Thank you!