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The international organization “Mercy Ships” owns several big hospital ships wherefrom they provide humanitarian aid to countries with none or limited healthcare facilities. Because of the ship-based approach, they can operate without any external support. From a deep Christian believe, they act based on love and care for others every day. The organization is built on voluntary workers, which do not only bring in knowledge and helping hands but also their love for others, even if they have to bring financial offers themselves. Mercy Ships provides medical care to the sick, disabled and blind people and starts education projects and much more. In 2011 the hospitalship Africa Mercy is visiting Sierra Leone to provide medical care and charity projects on board as well as ashore. This new ship has 6 operating rooms, hospital facilities with 78 beds and accommodation for 484 crewmembers and 7000 operations yearly.

Mercy Ships overview

Virtual tour on the Africa Mercy

Mercy Ships on Discovery Channel

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