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Previous DXpeditions

9L5MS - Sierra Leone 2011 - Freetown - PA3A PD0CAV PA3AN PA8AD

Programming Mercy Ships equipment    Garage shack    Freetown mountains    9L5MS QSL card

TY1MS - Benin 2009 - Grand Popo - PA3AWW PD0CAV PA8AD

Henk PA3AWW and Ad PA8AD tarveling to Benin    PD0CAV tackling the pile-up    Spiderbeam on top of the house    TY1MS QSL card

5L2MS - Liberia 2007 - Monrovia ELWA Compound - PA3A PA3AWW PA3AN PA8AD EL2DT

Working on the FB33    PA3A and PA3AWW    80m and WARC vertical    5L2MS QSL card