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Team members

Arie Kleingeld PA3A (5L2MS,9L5MS)
Marian van Boheemen PD1AEG
Ad van Ginneken PA8AD (5L2MS, TY1MS, 9L2MS)
Angelina van Ginneken PA8AN

All participants are member of the Dordtse Elektronica Club often found in contests using PI4DEC or PI4D.

Radio Setup

The TN2MS team will work from 160m to 6m in SSB, CW and RTTY.

The equipment consists of transceivers and 400W linears.

The antennas are verticals for 160m - 30m, beams for 20m - 10m and a small beam for 6m.
For 160m and 80m extra receiving antennas are used to improve station receive capability.
If conditions allows it and permission is received we will try to activate 6m also.
We take special care to listen for remote locations and small stations.

Goal of the team is to work as many different stations as possible in the different modes.