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A hospital ship - helping the poorest - radio amateur volunteers - supporting a Mercy Ships project

In close cooporation between the DAGOE Foundation and Mercy Ships, 4 Dutch radio amateur will run the 4th DAGOE Mercy Ships Radio DXpedition. This time the team will operate from the Republic of Congo. They will do onboard work of the Hospitalship Africa Mercy from October 6 - 11 and run a radio DXpedition from Malonda Lodge Pointe Noire (not on board of the ship!) between October 12th (afternoon) till October 24th (morning) using the amateur radio callsign TN2MS.

  Arie PA3A    Marian PD1AEG   Ad PA8AD   Angelina PA8AN

After the previous projects in Liberia (5L2MS), Benin (TY1MS) and Sierra Leone (9L5MS) the team was very honored and proud to be rewarded in 2012 for their achievements with the Yasme Excellence Award 2012.

First QSL cards were shipped around Christmas, all direct requests will be shipped before new year.

This time the team set the following goals:

  1. Work on board of the Hospitalship Africa Mercy.

  3. Raise awareness for the work of Mercy Ships and raise funds for the Mercy Ships Charity Project.

  5. Create the possibility for all HAMs to contact Congo on as much bands and modes as possible.

All donations and surplus will be used to support the Mercy Ships project.